Minyanim around virginia beach

Reading Bible

Our prayer services are easy to follow even for the beginner; interspersed with uplifting traditional melodies and thought provoking explanations.

Shabbat Minyanim:

we offer a shabbos morning service that starts at 10 am followed by a Kiddush, we don't guarantee a Minyan, if you are planning to join please contact us.

weekly days Minyanim:

so far there are no daily Minyanim in Virginia Beach during the week. 

We are working on developing the jewish community step by step and will iyH be offering minyanim in the future. 

On tourist season we may have Minyanim going on - contact us.

The closest daily Minyanim will be at the Bnei Israel Congregation in Norfolk. That's about a  30 minute drive from the beach (I will add their address & schedule at the bottom)

Please contact us for more information.