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We are currently accepting application forms for the upcoming Kids Club Programs, Space is limited.

We look forward to a wonderful year of learning and growth. 

Childs information:

previous Jewish Education

Parents information:

Were there any conversions or adoptions in the family?

Emergency information: 

Does your child(ren) have any allergies or other medical condition we should be aware of?


As the parent(s) or legal guardian of the above child, I/we authorize any adult acting on behalf of Chabad /Jewish Kids Club to hospitalize or secure treatment for my child, I further agree to pay all charges for that care and/or treatment. It is understood that if time and circumstances reasonably permit, Chabad / Jewish Virginia Beach personnel will try, but are not required, to communicate with me prior to such treatment. I hereby give permission for my child to participate in all school activities, join in class and school trips on and beyond school properties and allow my child to be photographed while participating in Chabad / Jewish Kids Club activities and that these pictures may be used for marketing purposes.

If you are in a position to contribute to our scholarship fund, please consider giving us the option to sponsor another child and gift him with a sponsored Jewish education by choosing the full cast option

select a payment option

Your application is not complete without a payment plan. Chabad Kids Club does not reject anyone due to lack of funds. If you feel that you need a special payment plan, please email or call our office at 757.938.0625.

Tuition Cost is $450.00 per child. 

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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